LUYW revolutionizes set lighting since 1994. Inventor of the lighting balloon as a light source on film sets and photo shootings, many movies have already used LUYW technology: Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission Impossible… to name just a few. Every day, at least one film set in the world uses LUYW lighting balloons.

Thanks to a unique know-how in fabrics and in electricity, LUYW offers balloons of various light sources, sizes and shapes meeting all kind of needs.

LUYW is also the only company to offer a solution that enables to manage daylight thanks to our “sun tamer” Cloud.

“In fact it’s close to midnight… With LUYW I make it high noon” contact us
LUYW know-how in film and TV

LUYW know-how in film and TV

Behind every LUYW product is a world of expertise and support designed to deliver you more than just high quality. Whether it’s a Hollywood blockbuster, a low budget independent film or a fast-moving television documentary, our products deliver the speed, flexibility and efficiency needed for today’s production schedules, without sacrificing quality.

LUYW received an OSCAR Academy Technical Award® for the introduction of balloons with internal light sources to provide set lighting for the motion picture industry.


  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Many combination of power available
  • All lighting sources
  • Fully quiet
  • Flicker-free
  • Fully dimmable
  • Helium or air-inflated
  • Many shapes
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Lightweight


Our lighting balloons meets a wide range of applications, both indoor and outdoor.

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The LED Cinestar

  • Versatile and powerful LED lighting balloon: 850 W
  • Soft diffusion with an 120° wide angle projection
  • Full colour temperature control: 2700-6500 K
  • Flicker-free, Indoor and outdoor use, Fully dimmable & Excellent color rendering

HMI Daylight balloons

  • It reproduce daylight and can be used as a key light/fill light to produce a very natural effect
  • They provide a color temperature of 5,600 K and offer up to 1,440,000 lumens
  • Available in 4 shapes: tube, diamond, ellipse, gaffair
  • Many combinations of power (HMI): from 1.2 k to 16 k watts
  • Perfect for stage and location film production as well as photography, by combining lightweight design and overall maneuverability

Tungsten balloons

  • Tungsten lighting balloons were the first units developed by Airstar, and are now offered in a wide range of possibilities
  • Used indoor and outdoor, they provide a color of temperature of 3200 K
  • From 2 K to the powerful 20 K source
  • Provided in 3 shapes: ellipse, tube or diamond
  • Fully dimmable

Hybrid balloons

  • The hybrid line of products from Airstar allows unique control of color temperature without taking away any light intensity
  • Multiple combinations are now available to light your sets, fitting your needs
  • The mix between different lighting sources: Tungsten, Daylight, Sodium and Mercury
  • From 2,200 K to 5,600 K Up to 1,242,000 lumens
  • Available in 3 shapes: tube, diamond and ellipse

Halogen pad

  • This pad is both employed indoor and outdoor. It can be used horizontally or tilted depending on your set’s layout
  • Equipped with an internal reflector, velcro all around for accessories such as skirts, and multiple rigging points
  • 2 sizes available: 2.8 m x 2.8 m or 6 m x 6 m

The CloudTM balloon

  • The Cloud™ is the world’s first grip balloon
  • 20’x20’ is the starting point. From this square, you have the ability to attach numeral units for a better area coverage
  • Its primary use is to diffuse sunlight
  • It is the only air-born diffusion that needs neither suspension nor ground support
  • Versatile, Fast to operate & Less intrusive


Robert Altman Director, USA

« I just showed up and I saw this thing in the sky and I said: what is that? What a great reflector! And I thought really seriously that there was reflecting light but it was the balloon itself that lit up the whole golf course. Anyway, we had 3 of these and I don’t think we could have shot that stuff without that. »

Alexandre Lamarque Director of photography, France

« No products are equivalent. We could not get the same light before using LUYW balloons. The balloons have the advantage to be moved very quickly and are very effective when you must often change the source or when you have a very large set to light or when you need to put the lighting source very high.

We present the idea with impressive details.

Light Up Your World is having 11 Years of experiencing in lighting for industry and safety, events and cinema.

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